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Pixelnauts Podcast: Vintage Game Hardware

We discuss old game hardware keeping it running and how games age & game preservation. We talked about: The NES NES 72pin Cartridge Connector The NES-101 and the HVC-101 Gamecube component cable Game Boy Saturn Master System Darkwing Duck on … Continue reading

Pixelnauts Podcast 006

Pixelnauts Podcast: Connecting & Disconnecting

This week we talk about devices, connectivity, social, the proliferation of services across all kinds of devices, and when we are too connected how should we unplug.


Pixelnauts Podcast – 4k Video

This week Scott and Carl tackle 4k Video, and its impending impact on the TV and gaming worlds. Seiki $1500 4k TV Blackmagic Production Camera 4k Our theme music is Alternate Ending: The Power of Friendship by James Roach whose new album Pixel … Continue reading


Pixelnauts Podcast – Movies and Videogames

This time on the podcast Carl and Scott explore the depths and heights of videogame movies. Movies: The Super Mario Brothers (1993) An all-star cast including Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and the legendary Dennis Hopper can’t save this bizarre dark take on the normally cartoony … Continue reading


The Pixelnauts Podcast – Remakes Reissues Replay

This week Scott and Carl talk about remakes to games that don’t re-imagine  the game but instead just reintroduce it to the world, maybe with some updated graphics, or maybe its just bringing it to a new platform. Our Theme … Continue reading


Pixelnauts Podcast: Reboots

This week Scott and Carl talk about rebooting video game franchises. What is being rebooted, and which games do we want to see rebooted.

Pixelnauts Podcast: PS4 Anouncement

So it looks like the PS4 is one step closer to reality. Carl and Scott take stock of what was announced at the Sony Playstation event in this episode of Pixelnauts Podcast