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Pixelnauts Podcast: Vintage Game Hardware

We discuss old game hardware keeping it running and how games age & game preservation. We talked about: The NES NES 72pin Cartridge Connector The NES-101 and the HVC-101 Gamecube component cable Game Boy Saturn Master System Darkwing Duck on … Continue reading

Pixelnauts Podcast 006

Pixelnauts Podcast: Connecting & Disconnecting

This week we talk about devices, connectivity, social, the proliferation of services across all kinds of devices, and when we are too connected how should we unplug.


Pixelnauts Podcast – 4k Video

This week Scott and Carl tackle 4k Video, and its impending impact on the TV and gaming worlds. Seiki $1500 4k TV Blackmagic Production Camera 4k Our theme music is Alternate Ending: The Power of Friendship by James Roach whose new album Pixel … Continue reading


Pixelnauts Podcast – Movies and Videogames

This time on the podcast Carl and Scott explore the depths and heights of videogame movies. Movies: The Super Mario Brothers (1993) An all-star cast including Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and the legendary Dennis Hopper can’t save this bizarre dark take on the normally cartoony … Continue reading


The Pixelnauts Podcast – Remakes Reissues Replay

This week Scott and Carl talk about remakes to games that don’t re-imagine  the game but instead just reintroduce it to the world, maybe with some updated graphics, or maybe its just bringing it to a new platform. Our Theme … Continue reading