I love the sci-fi genre. But I do get tired of space marines, futures that are a horrible wasteland, and every game being a shooter. So when I saw the first trailers for Remember Me, I was excited. A future that’s dystopian without being a wasteland. A main character that wasn’t some kind of special forces operative, and it appeared to have no gunplay. It looked refreshing.

So I bought Remember Me without reading reviews, based solely on the fact that I liked the premise, I liked the early trailer I saw, and it seemed like a cool new IP. Now that I’ve put an hour in, am I happy with the memories I’ve made so far?

In the short term (ha ha memory puns) I’ve enjoyed a lot about Remember Me. The setting is gorgeous looking, New Paris shines beyond the slums I’m currently in and looks inviting and futuristic. The graphics overall have a good feel to them. Nilins hair looks a little static, but good hair seems to always be a hard thing to render. The animations are good, and the scripted sequences like memories you remix are well done.

Remember Me - Remember Me hour one 1

So remixing memories, that was one of the things I saw in early trailers that really sold me on the game. You go into a memory and see how it played out to that person. Then you have a goal to change that memory to fit your need, thus changing how the person remembers that event. I only got to one of these in my first hour, but I’m hoping the future ones get better. Not that I didn’t like the first one, but it was more of a tutorial than anything. I really like how it reminds me of an adventure game, figuring out what glitches I need to trigger in the right order to get the memory outcome I need. I messed it up once, and it was neat to see it play out in a way I wasn’t expecting, even if I had to redo it.

Remember Me - Remember Me hour one 2

The audio is good. The music seems well done, and I was liking how it reacted to your combos in combat. The voice acting feels a little flat so far. Nilins voice seems well done though, which is good since we’ll spend the most time with her. Again, it’s something that might get better as the game goes on. If we’re going into powerful memories of loss, or sadness, or happiness, I want the voice actors to really sell those emotions to me. It’ll make the whole experience mean more, and I hope it gets there.

After my first hour I had a lot of questions for the story. Not at all due to the fact that Nilin’s first action is losing her memory. I’m hoping there will be some good unexpected twists and turns as the tale unfolds as amnesia has been a pretty common video game thing. It could run into some boring spots if handled poorly, but I have hopes it’ll get interesting and surprise me.

I’m intrigued with what I experienced, both in gameplay and in story and I’m looking forward to playing more.

Remember Me - Remember Me hour one 3

Game Info

Remember Me is published by Capcom and developed by┬áDontnod Entertainment. It’s available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (on retail and PSN), and PC. It retails for $59.99.

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