2013 may be the year that Assassins Creed 4 comes out, but it’s also been very Assassins Creed heavy in general to me. I started out this year by beating Assassins Creed 2, and then directly following it up with Brotherhood and Revelations. That got me through to mid February and I’ve since taken a little time off before jumping into Assassins Creed 3.

Since I just finished up Bioshock Infinite, I thought maybe the time had come. But then I got thinking, I have a Playstation Vita and I have the Assassins Creed for that. It’s also been really nice out and I wanted to spend some time off the couch. So I’ve been playing Assassins Creed III: Liberation for more than an hour now, and I’m feeling a little mixed on it.

I will say that the graphics are quite impressive. They aren’t quite up to Uncharted:Golden Abyss good, but Uncharted didn’t have all the free-roaming that Assassins Creed III: Liberation offers. New Orleans is pretty sizeable for being on a portable system, and it has a decent population of NPC’s wandering it’s streets. Now, sometimes these NPC’s pop in and out, or from one model to another when they get closer to you, but for the most part it’s pretty impressive.


Thanks to the dual analog sticks of the Vita, the game controls feel really close to those of the console counterparts. There’s some touch screen controls, but thankfully most of those functions can also be done with buttons.

I like the concept of Aveline having different disguises she can use, and each disguise having it’s own alertness meter. So while assassin Aveline might have a high alert with guards, lady Aveline might walk through no problem.

The audio is probably the weakest part of the game so far. The quality is just surprisingly low. By that I mean that the voice work is fine, and the music is fine, but they sound like they were recorded in a low bit-rate and thus sound like it’s playing through an old tape deck. It’s really disappointing because it hurts the presentation quite a bit.

Lastly, in the hour or two I’ve played so far, the story hasn’t really gripped me yet. I’m not sure exactly what I should be excited to be revealed and that’s not a good thing. I’m sure there will be some big exciting plot point, but I have nothing really driving me towards it yet.


So, Assassins Creed III: Liberation is a nice looking, but bad sounding, portable Assassins Creed game thus far. I’m going to keep playing more and see if it gets more interesting. I hope it does.

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